Holiday until the 18th! All Halloween designs will go out as normal, the rest of them will be posted after the 18th! Love, A.

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Scary Halloween in collaboration with @artcornerbysandra

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Alien designs

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Watering cans (hand painted)

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The interpretive collection

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Clay art

11 products

Plants for lovely pots (tiny and more)

1 product

Terracotta pots | big and small

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Resin pots / Wooden pots

6 products

Earth Day - everyday

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Hand painted Jackets

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Alien heads - clay version

7 products


Hello! It's Andreea typing, but you can call me Andi! I'm so pleased that you found my page!

A tiny short story about myself is that I discovered how much I enjoy plants, taking care of plants, staring and singing to plants that during lockdown it pushed me to do more. I wanted a jungle in the house, and I'm not even close to getting there. *sad face*

So with all the plants I had, I wanted to have a solution of adding some cute pots in the landscape so I've decided to make them myself! And you guessed right, I loved it and I want to share them with you!!

Hope you'll love them just as much!

Andi! xx

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