Holiday until the 18th! All Halloween designs will go out as normal, the rest of them will be posted after the 18th! Love, A.

Collection: Alien heads - clay version

Quite a limited collection, but I'm hoping this will make it more special.

Aliens but make them out of clay, put some pretty colours on them aaaand here they are. Ready to bring that corner of your house back to life, or to make one of your friends/family happy.

They are super special and unique so no chance for somebody else to have one the same.

I'd say it's sold only by that, what do you say?

They will all come together with some succulents as a present, but feel free to use them for whatever you'd like as in pens/ brushes or candies?! I gotta try the last one myself.

Hope you'll love them just as much. 

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