Christmas gift boxes out now!! Only 4 available

Collection: Christmas Hampers

We had to prepare something like this. I'm hoping this wasn't as predictable as I think it was, and you're a bit surprised! 

Together with @artcornerbySandra and @dremtotes, we've put our creative minds into bringing this Christmas hamper for you. 

A tiny little story about me is that I find this period of time beautiful, but super stressful. Beautiful because I love Christmas, but stressful because of all the ideas you have to come up with for Christmas gifts for everybody in your circle. 

I love offering people gifts, but I have a little meltdown whenever I'm trying to find the best one for them. "Will X like this?" "Does Z needs this or it's just a waste?" and so on. I'm sure many of you are in the same situation, but not for looong.

If you have in your family, friends group somebody who recently went nuts for plants and everything related, or if you're that person that loves recycling or reusing bags, this one is for you.

It comes with 1x hand painted plant pot of your choice (from these 4) + 1 plant, 1 x handmade plant hanger macramé + Christmas tree decoration, 1x hand painted tote bag and looots of sweets.

Oh also, you get free delivery AND you get to support 3 young ladies trying to make people happy this Christmas. That's a bonus. 


Anyway, enjoy!