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Collection: Earth Day - everyday

I've become more and more aware of the situation our planet is by watching so many documentaries and reading about it, so I've decided that by only switching off the light once a year on Earth day at 20:00 is not enough. 

This is the first edition of this collection and I'll do my best to not be the last. I've decided to start collecting bottles and jars as I realised how many I have around the house that weren't being used at all, and started hand painting/decorating them in a way that people would be able to use them around their houses giving them another life.

What makes this collection different is that the shipping cost is included in the price, but half of the profit will go to an environmental charity called GreenPeace, the rest will cover a part of the shipping plus some of the materials I've used for them.

It's really important that we all try our best to save this planet, and there's no better day than today. If you can do your bit in any way, please do so, either by donating for yourself or by purchasing something from me or other businesses that contribute in helping these organizations.

If the products are loved by you, I will continue on launching the same collection every month, on the 22nd. 

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Hope you like them,

Andi. xx


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