Welcome back, I've missed you! Get ready for a special Valentine's, custom orders welcomed!

Collection: Scary Halloween in collaboration with @artcornerbysandra

First Halloween collection ever, first collaboration of the year. Lots of firsts for this and it's all very exciting.

The collection is all about things you don't have to put away after Halloween, because they're made to look cool no matter the time of the year. And if we're talking about presents for your loved ones, these are the ones. 

My collab with Sandra brought together my plant pots and her handmade macramé to hang your plants in, to use them together or separate, or to give one away and keep the other? No matter what you decide to do with them after that, your friends will love them and you will look at them every morning, happy with your purchase.

Did I sold you our products yet? hahaha. Anyway, this comes from a plant lover that is absolutely obsessed with giving her plants the prettiest home for their *butts* and her room the "I'm not boring, you are" kinda vibes because of all the bold colours. 

If all goes well, you'll see more of us together in the future. If you're interested in her art separately, go and follow her on Instagram with the name @artcornerbysandra. Follow me too, you have nothing to lose.